AI and ML to Reconstruct Email Marketing

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) are the top technologies changing the face of email marketing.

This is why, marketers across the world are integrating it fast to generate best results

According to a finding:

Almost 61% of the top-performing companies have significantly accelerated their investment in this technology.

This boost is also due to one crucial factor- COVID-19. Most B2B organizations found with the onset of pandemic, it has become a necessity to take the help of latest technologies. This would significantly eliminate human errors, by streamlining the process.

AI and ML to reconstruct email marketing

What are AI and ML?

  • AI is the intelligence shown by machines
  • It is also known as the simulated human intelligence
  • ML is a significant part of artificial intelligence
  • ML works on algorithms using historical data

Interesting statistics on AI in marketing world

  • 40% of businesses stated CX is the major reason to use AI.
  • 34% of marketing leaders believe AI to be the major game-changer.

How AI initiates the email marketing process?

  • It helps find new customer segments
  • It helps understand customers’ mindset
  • It gives the best customers’ insights
  • It can find the non-verbal needs of customers
  • It then accordingly sends out emails

How AI tools improve email campaign?

  • Drafting the right subject line (What resonates with an audience)
  • It helps create subject lines (95% more effective than humans)
  • Helping in automated emails (birthday email, anniversary email)
  • Sending emails at the right time (Time zone as per country)
  • Increased hyper-personalization (More than just a name)
  • Giving right product recommendation (Based on individual customer preferences)
  • Improving the body content (Perfectly aligning with customers’ needs)
  • Shooting out emails instantly (When the customer submits the form)

How AI bridges the gap between email automation and A/B split test?

  • It tests the responses on a continual basis
  • It tracks the different touch points
  • It further builds the actionable insights

How AI-email marketing helps?

  • Improvement in open rate
  • Improvement in click-through rate
  • Improvement in deliverability
  • AI lets marketers understand sales cycle better
  • Increase in revenue
  • Decreases costs


Artificial intelligence and machine learning is revamping the way a marketing world works. It is changing the email process and automating the entire structure so that organizations can have the best of both world worlds- AI and email marketing.

As per a survey by Accenture, AI would create $14 trillion of additional revenue by the year 2035.

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