10 Ideas to Spend Remaining Marketing Budget Wisely [Infographic]

2019 is winding down, and you are left with no much time to utilize extra money in your marketing budget. Sometimes, even after a good year of planning, you may find yourself with leftover budgets. Although you could spend it on frivolous things, we recommend you to put that money to good use in a more responsible way. Don’t let it go unused.

This Infographic provides some of such helpful resources you may need to end the year strong. Follow it without any delay.

We hope the next year brings you success with higher revenue and even more gains. Cheers!

B2b Marketing budget Ideas


Start the New Year on the right foot by utilizing the extra cash to your advantage

1. Spend on Marketing Automation Platforms

• Completely mechanizes your job
• Keeps up with the lead flow smoothly
• Nurtures the lead with the right data

“Marketing automation increases customer engagement by 68%”

2. Get Your SEO Audit Done from Third-Party

• Identifies the loopholes in SEO strategy
• Optimizes on-page factors
• Fixes all the pending technical glitches

“70% of marketers say a good SEO tactic is more effective at driving sales”

3. Avail a Good Marketing Database

• Marketing communication will be targeted
• Develop better relationships with the customer
• Customers receive an enhanced service

“Data-driven marketing helped 88% of companies to enhance their understanding of every consumer”

4. Amplify Your Content Distribution

• Significantly drives more social shares
• Increases the traffic to your branded content
• Leads to more conversion

“71% of B2B marketers utilize paid methods to distribute their content”

5. Create Audio-Visual Content

• Generates a lot of website traffic
• Makes your campaign more interesting
• Increases the number of leads and sales

“65% of humans are visual learners, and they remember an image for a longer period”

6. Invest in Ad Retargeting

• Reach prospects interested in your product
• Builds enough brand awareness
• Improves cost-effectiveness

“Users retargeted with display ads are more likely to convert by 70%”

7. Organize Surveys and Market Research

• Get to know your customer better
• Best way to gather new data
• Gain a holistic view of the market

“Market research has tremendously minimized the risk portfolio by 67%”

8. Conduct Conferences and Events

• Offers a great way to network
• Builds brand recognition and trust
• Establishes thought leadership

“The most successful businesses are investing 1.7x the average marketing budget on live events”

9. Make the Best Use of Holiday Season

• Reach a wider audience and increase sales
• Positive effects on your brand image
• Spreads your brand mission on social media

“Daily sales averaged to $2.1 billion across the whole holiday season in 2018”

10. Invest in Training Activities

• Better react and adapt to changes
• Keeps skills competitive
• Increases job satisfaction level

“Companies offering comprehensive training program enjoys a 24% higher profit margin than others”

Finish Your Year Strong and Embrace the New Opportunity with Smile

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