Direct Mail Marketing is Thriving in its Best Form

Direct mail marketing is one of the successful marketing approaches. While there has been an introduction of many forms of digital content, it has not replaced direct mail. This form of marketing still has a crucial place in the marketing strategy of organizations, and is a $44 Billion industry.

Every $167 spent on direct mail leads to a 1300% ROI.

In the below infographic, there are some direct mail facts:direct mail marketing is thriving in its best form

Convincing facts about Direct Mail

  • 43% of customers find direct mail less annoying than digital communication.
  • 56% of American citizens still love direct mail.
  • 70% of Americans believe direct mail helps in more personalization than other digital forms.
  • 92% of millennials consider it easy to read direct mail than digital content
  • 60% of millennials went to purchase within 3 months after receiving direct mail.
  • Direct mail is considered around 6% of the top generator of sales.

How it helps organizations?

  • As per a finding, 25% of consumers spend more when direct mail and e-mail are used together.
  • Direct mail receives a response rate of around 9%.
  • Direct mail campaigns help in more brand awareness.
  • It could take 20 touch points for reaching customers the very first time.
  • The campaigns that had used direct mail along with 1 digital media had a 118% increase in response rate.
  • Direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort by marketers.
  • 39% of the customers go for a new service or product because of direct mail.

How is Direct Mail successful?

  • 40% of the direct mail success depends on data.
  • 29% of the businesses succeeded in converting data into action for direct mail.
  • The lifespan of direct mail is 17 days, which is relatively higher than other forms of digital content.
  • 90% of direct mail is opened, compared to other digital content.
  • Direct mail helps increase donations by almost 40% to non-profits.
  • 59% of respondents stated they like to get direct mail about new products.
  • Brand recall was 70% higher when compared to other marketing approaches.

The best tactics to develop a Direct Mail campaign

  • Identifying the accurate audience
  • Including a clear Call-To-Action
  • Integrating with other forms of marketing
  • Personalizing the content


Direct mail marketing would never be obsolete. Customers would continue to trust brands more when sent content via direct mail. Therefore, marketers should revamp their marketing approach and increase the budget for direct mail marketing to increase conversions.

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