11 Best Email Marketing Tools You Must Try

If you’re running email campaigns for your brand, more conversions might be your main objective. But it won’t be possible without emails that are targeted, engaging, and personalized.

That’s why your team may take weeks to craft the perfect emails and campaign strategy. But is there a way to make the process more efficient and faster?

Well, you can always use high-quality email marketing tools that’ll streamline the email marketing efforts. Plus, these tools help you track campaign performance and vital metrics like open rates. You’ll get plenty more features to execute your campaigns.


This post will walk you through the top 11 email marketing tools that can take your campaigns up a notch.

1. Mailchimp


Mailchimp is among the most well-loved email marketing tools out there. Be it, beginners or seasoned marketers, everyone likes its convenient features. It has a simple interface packed with intriguing functionalities which are easy to learn.

The platform has powerful email content editors that are easy to use and master. It has the essential elements of arranging the content, such as videos and columns. You get many responsive templates that you can simply drag and drop.

Moreover, if you plan to run opt-in campaigns for more leads, Mailchimp makes it easy. You get opt-in forms, drip campaigns, and landing page templates. These make your emails more attractive and actionable, where users can enter details conveniently.

With their in-built CRM, you can create customer profiles and send personalized emails efficiently.

Key Highlights

  • Send newsletters, transaction emails, and postcards
  • Build customer journeys to streamline campaigns
  • A/B testing is available for analyzing effective messages
  • Reports for conversion-tracking, geo-tracking, and client analysis

2. Omnisend


The next email marketing tool on our list is Omnisend which is popular among expert and newbie marketers. It’s extremely user-friendly and takes a few minutes to get started with creating campaigns. Having a simple interface and convenient onboarding, you’ll get used to the functionalities in no time!

Are you running short on time? Then Omnisend will help you out here. You can utilize its inbuilt automation workflows to make the email set up and other processes faster. Customize automated messages using the no-code editor and optimize your automation sequence.

The drag-and-drop features will speed up the campaign creation and associated processes. Moreover, Omnisend provides a centralized platform for tracking customer interactions and respective channels. The feature-rich dashboard provides a clear view of multiple channels like social media and SMS.

Other than that, you get e-commerce integrations and data synchronization.

Key Highlights

  • Excellent analysis and sales reports
  • Product picker to attract more customers
  • Huge no-code email template library
  • Segmented targeting facilities

3. Constant Contact


When it comes to ease of use, Constant Contact is suitable for marketers of all levels. The functionalities are easy to understand and navigate, which speeds up processes. It has an excellent editor enabling you to design stunning emails that look great on any device.

The drag-and-drop features make it even easier. Plus, the functionalities of the editor are not difficult to master. It provides great support if you’re struggling with email content creation. Just select the content type and add keywords for receiving AI-generated content.

Then, you can develop automated messaging paths for your target audience. Send welcome emails, signup emails, and reminder emails – all through powerful automation. Let automation track customer activities and send the appropriate emails to attract them.

In addition, if you need B2B email list management, this platform is a good option. You can segment the lists using e-commerce activity, contact details, and insights.

Key Highlights

  • Different account access levels – campaign creator or account manager
  • Excellent bounce management and blocklist facilities
  • Convenient landing page builder
  • High email deliverability rate

4. ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign is extremely popular among small businesses and content creators due to its automation facilities. With multiple pre-built automation templates, you can effectively level up your email marketing campaigns.

You can send a wide variety of emails to your target customers conveniently through this platform. These include broadcast emails, targeted emails, transactional emails, scheduled emails, and triggered emails. The best part? You don’t have to be a master email designer. Just use the drag-and-drop designer tools to create breathtaking emails!

You can also utilize excellent segmentation facilities to manage your audience. Sending personalized emails utilizing the contact information at hand is also easy.

Plus, if you need integrations, ActiveCampaign has got you covered there too! The platform boasts over 800 integrations, including PayPal, Shopify, Postmark, and Facebook. These will help your audience make payments and visit your social media pages conveniently.

Key Highlights

  • Convenient and fast customer support
  • Landing page builder and tons of automated templates
  • 14-day trial package to check out the software
  • A/B testing to identify high-converting emails

5. Campaigner


Campaigner is among the top email marketing tools that focus on personalization. There are plenty of editors for building landing pages, signup forms, and dynamic content. Utilizing customer contact information and sending personalized emails will be a breeze.

Don’t have time or the resources to design an attractive email? Use the pre-built email templates, which are over 900! Choose the drag-and-drop features and build the perfect email to engage customers. The word processor will help you draft your message.

To improve conversion rates, use the landing page builder and signup form editors. Create compelling emails that trigger actions naturally. You can utilize the localization feature to connect with the audience from diverse locations across the globe.

The SMS and email segmentation tools will help you group your clients according to their location and purchase behavior.

Key Highlights

  • A/B testing helps analyze the performance of your campaigns
  • Create mobile-friendly and engaging emails
  • Live chat support, knowledge base, and video tutorials
  • SMS functionalities

6. MailerLite


If you are looking for clean and simple email marketing software, MailerLite is the one for you. It has a user-friendly platform that allows beginners and experts to design email campaigns.

There are editors, automation workflows, and monetization functionalities to make the process smooth.

To build attractive campaigns, use the drag-and-drop email templates, newsletter templates, text editor, and image library. Monetize your emails via popular integrations like WooCommerce, for products or services.

Or, combine Stripe and social media sharing options to sell digital products. Paid newsletters are also super easy to launch with the software. Craft your emails according to your customer requirements and preferences.

With MailerLite, automating workflows is also hassle-free. Based on customer behavior and interactions, develop workflows to automatically send emails. Further, set up RSS campaigns to inform prospects and customers about your latest content.

Key Highlights

  • A/B testing and reporting dashboards to understand campaign performance
  • Convenient email support for customer queries
  • Excellent segmentation and personalization
  • The free plan has excellent features

7. Moosend


The next option on our list of email marketing tools is Moosend, known for its simplicity. The user-friendly platform offers affordable email marketing plans that attract many small businesses and entrepreneurs.

You can get started with the free trial to explore the exciting features.

The customization options are well-crafted on this platform. Access list segmentation, newsletter editors, AI subject line analyzer, and much more. It can help you improve engagement rates and email interactions.

Do you want to automate repetitive tasks? You can build AI workflows that can optimize your email campaign tasks. Using a variety of automation templates and over 100 triggers, send emails at different customer journey levels.

Track user actions and website activity to make better campaign decisions. In addition, designing beautiful landing pages and signup forms is super convenient on Moosend. There are tons of free templates to begin experimenting with!

Key Highlights

  • 24/7 live customer support, video tutorials, and a knowledge base
  • Three affordable packages for all types of businesses
  • A/B testing, analytics, and automated workflows
  • Excellent free responsive templates

8. EmailOctopus


EmailOctopus offers outstanding features which are better, affordable and boost your business. It provides all the required automation and design facilities to target your audience. The platform lets you focus on improving the products while it handles your campaigns.

Build signup forms to motivate your audience to take action after reading your email. The minimalistic forms enhance engagement. If you want to create a form directly, the platform allows you to do that. You can design advanced pages using the inbuilt integrations on EmailOctopus.

The pre-designed email templates and the drag-and-drop features will let you craft emails that turn heads! Design emails that look amazing on all mobile devices. Use the preview future to check out how they’ll look on these devices. It’s that simple!

Utilize customer insights to tailor marketing messages for any user. Segment customer groups to send more targeted emails. Drive more engagement and scale your business significantly.

Key Highlights

  • Easy to use and master
  • Import existing customers and craft tailored messages
  • Use analytics to understand open rates and bounce rates
  • Convenient integration with apps like Shopify and Squarespace

9. Drip


Drip is among the most well-loved email marketing tools that are popular among e-commerce businesses. Although it offers convenient features, the professional design will set your brand apart.

You can start by combining the required integrations into the platform for your campaigns. Shopify or Magento, Drip can handle almost everything. Then, use the eCommerce CRM information to create unique customer journeys and profiles. Focus on purchase history, open rates, clicks, and similar metrics to personalize campaigns.

Moreover, the point-and-click email designer to add your products and signup forms to enjoy better conversions. With over 50 professional email templates, your brand will leave a lasting impression.

Key Highlights

  • Use A/B testing to evaluate email content
  • Dynamic product blocks to enhance engagement
  • Create workflows to fetch abandoned cart customers
  • Segmentation, reporting, and SMS automation

10. HubSpot


If you are discussing email marketing tools, you can’t neglect HubSpot. Being a renowned name in the market, they help brands develop and personalize their email campaigns.

Using goal-based templates and other intriguing templates, you can design emails that hook readers or prospects. From CTA to product highlights, you can do it all on HubSpot. Use the drag-and-drop tools to level up your emails and position your brand effectively.

For personalization, use customer lifecycle data and contact data to send tailored messages. Utilize the platform to time your emails to increase conversion opportunities. Moreover, you get the leverage of HubSpot CRM that empowers your entire campaign.

Key Highlights

  • Efficient customer and lead tracking
  • Excellent training resources
  • Free trial and demo available
  • Email health tabs for checking deliverability rates

11. SendPulse


The final entry in our list of the best email marketing tools is SendPulse. Famous for multichannel marketing, the platform has loads of features to target prospects. Start by collecting contact information via free subscription forms.

Use the engagement information to segment customers and prepare campaigns accordingly. You’ll get more than 130 outstanding email templates for the convenient design. Keep tracking the performance and send follow-up emails to boost retention.

You can also examine the email content and subject lines through A/B testing. Leverage Automation 360 to supercharge emails with AI. This way, sending welcome emails, thank you emails, and cart reminders will be simpler.

Key Highlights

  • In-built CRM and landing page builder
  • Send 15,000 free emails per month
  • Live chat support in multiple languages
  • Learn email marketing from SendPulse Academy

The Bottom Line

Almost 59% of B2B marketing professionals consider email marketing to be their best revenue-generating tactic.

So, email marketing will stay relevant, and the associated tools will keep popping up. Keep certain factors in mind to pick the right email marketing tools. Focus on your budget, marketing objective, email types sent, and customizable options.

Also, ensure the tool provides sufficient personalization facilities. These features will help you connect with the customer better and boost your conversion rates. So, weigh the options carefully before selecting an email marketing software, and don’t rush the process.

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