How you Sell to C-Suite and Close Large Deals

Every sales representative needs to zoom past the gatekeeper and connect with the C-level executives to close large deals.

As per a finding, 64% of the C-level executives act as the final decision-maker in making big purchases.

So, it makes sense that representatives should directly outreach the top-level executives to make their tasks easier.

Some of the useful techniques to close good deals is to send personalized emails to customers. These emails help deliver 6x higher transactional rates and helps organizations achieve the target.

In the below infographic, we would be discussing different tactics, techniques and benefits of directly reaching out to C-level executives:

How to Connect with C-Level Executives?

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook

How to find C-Level Executives on LinkedIn?

  • Finding the common connections- the top-level executives
  • Following their company page
  • Reviewing their profile
  • The type of content they share
  • The engagement they have with followers

How to Connect with C-level Executives?

  • Segmented emails generate almost 58% of revenue.
  • Personalized email generates an ROI of 122%.

Tactics to Close more Deals

  • Matching the energy of C-level executives
  • Building the right rapport with executives
  • Dialing maximum 5 times
  • Communicating in brief
  • Let the conversation be 2-way

How Some Executives rate Sales Meetings?

  • 8 out of 10 sales meetings, buyers tell is a waste of time.
  • 75% of executives say representatives don’t demonstrate the knowledge of buyer’s business.
  • 77% of executives don’t present solutions to buyers.

How to have C-Level Conversation?

  • First, gain the C-level access
  • Research
  • Refine the presentation
  • Implement the right tactics

The Step-By-Step Process to Reach C-Level Executive

  • Planning the CRM strategy
  • Sequencing the strategy
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Identifying relevant opportunities
  • Identifying priorities
  • Modifying the templates with customized message
  • Deciding the type of meeting
  • Preparation for meeting

How Can They Talk to C-Level Executives?

  • Be well-prepared
  • Draft a goal-oriented agenda
  • Listen carefully
  • Map the business requirements of organization
  • Lead with the right insights

Proven ways to reach C-Level Executives

  • A simple approach
  • Being a trusted advisor
  • Personalizing
  • Showing final results in numbers
  • Collecting the right information of executives

Zoom Past Gatekeepers to Reach C-Level Executives

  • Offer value proposition
  • Build relationship

How an Approach can close more Deals?

  • A shorter sales cycle
  • Increase number of deals
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