Top 11 Medical Billing Software You Need to Know About

Automation and digitization are taking over every field in the world now. With the development of various AI modules and algorithms, automation has become even more achievable than before. Coders and medical professionals use medical billing software to deliver authoritative services and medical claims.

As per CAGR, due to continuous digitization and automation of the healthcare industry, the medical billing software industry has grown in the last fiscal year. It helps with accurate billing, tracking insurance claims automatically, and making faster payments.

TDInsights brings you the top 10 medical billing software that will make your life easier as a medical biller. However, before that, let’s dive into how medical billing software benefits you as a hospital, pharmacy, or medical biller.

How is Medical Billing Software Beneficial?

Digitization has made it possible to make medical billing easier. It has morphed the healthcare sector completely by making patient delivery systems easier to access.

Here are a few benefits:

1. Increased interoperability between hospitals and insurance companies:

Insurance companies due to discrepancies and duplication of insurance claims. Medical billing software reduces the differences in Insurance claims, increasing transparency in such transactions.

2. Enhanced Financial Reporting:

In a robust medical system, enhanced financial reporting is a necessity. Clinics and hospitals can benefit heavily from this feature of medical billing software as they can monitor their performance with numbers and stats.

Medical billing software also improves efficiency through these enhanced financial reports. They can help you analyze the performance of your clinic or hospital with timely payment and claim reports. These reports can help you track your

3. Universal Coding for Streamlining Medical Practice:

A standardized set of codes can help make medical billing software easier. Currently, medical billing softwares around the world use ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases – 10th revision) as the standard set of codes for medical billing softwares.

data and streamlining codes to make standardization of codes faster and more efficient.

4. Ease of Payment:

The introduction of medical billing software has enabled patients to have a seamless payment experience. With an efficient payment method, all the patients have to care about is getting treated properly while visiting a hospital or a clinic.

Top 10 Medical Billing Software

With TDInsights, you can choose the best for your business. We have curated a list of the ten best medical billing software that come in handy if you have a clinic or a hospital.

1. Dr. Chrono

Dr. Chrono is currently the world’s No. 8 leading medical billing software, as per SelectHub. Dr. Chrono is a comprehensive medical billing software that caters to healthcare sector establishments ranging from ambulatory clinics to large hospitals and enterprises.

Dr. Chrono offers e-prescribing, scheduling, and many more features, with access to over 40,000 labs.

Physicians can use Dr. Chrono to create virtual appointments and send automated messages to patients. It does not require them to download additional modules for it. Organizations can use it to streamline their day-to-day operations and patient intake. Patients can also ask for virtual appointments through the software.


  1. Chrono provides impressive EHR (electronic health record) workflows. Physicians and hospital staff can access it effortlessly and achieve an efficient workflow at their fingertips.
  2. Chrono is compatible with various devices – Linux PC, Windows PC, Macbooks, etc.
  3. Chrono provides a robust Revenue Management System with 96 percent clean claims and transparency rates.
  4. Chrono provides a highly adaptable Practice Management System where physicians can schedule, self-check-in, and access a patient portal containing information about various patients.

Key Differentiators of Dr. Chrono:

  1. Increased Operational Efficiency
  2. Flexibility
  3. Patient Educational Material
  4. Integrated Labs
  5. Pricing: Starts from $250 per month
  6. Training Resources: Videos and Seminars
  7. Support: Email, Calls, and FAQ

2. CureMD

CureMD is a cloud-based medical billing software that can handle multiple healthcare facility management tasks and clinical tasks. It can take on a range of functions, from appointment scheduling to billing. CureMD is used in a variety of healthcare institutions.

As per SelectHub, CureMD is the world’s 13th-best medical billing software. Users can easily access and update critical information about a patient and automate recursive tasks.

CureMD provides an extensive EHR for efficient patient handling. Its practice management systems boost intelligent billing and real-time financial reporting.

Benefits of CureMD:

  1. This medical billing software helps automate repetitive tasks.
  2. Physicians can have a smooth workflow with its comprehensive Electronic Health Records system.
  3. The software helps reduce human mistakes, such as wrong data entry and misinterpretation of medical charts, to a minimum. It helps minimize the errors caused by handwriting disparities.
  4. CureMD helps store patient and client information securely with zero data breach risks.
  5. CureMD provides a Patient Portal that is extremely useful for accessing information about any patient.
  6. It is compatible with Windows, MacBook, and Linux.

Key Differentiators of CureMD:

  1. Compliance with various security standards such as MIPS, MACRA, and HIPPA.
  2. Provides Advanced Specialties
  3. Increased Communication
  4. Accurate Treatment Procedures
  5. Efficient because of its automated traffic control
  6. Pricing: Starts at $195 per month
  7. Training Resources: Videos and Webinars
  8. Support: Email, Phone, Chat, FAQ, and Forum

3. Kareo Billing

Kareo Billing is a medical billing software developed by Tebra Company, founded in 2004 in Irvine, California. Kareo Billing exclusively caters to medical specialties and individual practices.

Many specialty clinics worldwide, especially in the US, use this medical billing software to handle scheduling, insurance claims, revenue management, and billing for better patient care. Currently, over 60 million patient records are managed using this software.


  1. It provides complete support in terms of billing, patient information management, and EHR for individual practices.
  2. Provides free support, complimentary onboarding, and transparent pricing models that are friendly and flexible.
  3. Makes the management of individual practices and mental health clinics easier with an all-in-solution portal.

Key Differentiators of Kareo Billing:

  1. Reduces Coding Errors by clearing claims before they are submitted.
  2. Easy Onboarding
  3. Smart Workflow that gets more things done in less time
  4. Flexibility
  5. Maximizes productivity by allowing better patient management and documentation.
  6. Pricing: Custom
  7. 24×7 Customer Service

4. CareCloud

CareCloud Central is a cloud-based medical billing software that healthcare organizations of all sizes use to efficiently track, manage, and optimize administrative and financial operations. It is mainly used to streamline the day-to-day operations of healthcare institutions effectively.

CareCloud Central manages workflows and automates time-consuming tasks to save time and money, leading to significant traffic generation and effective patient care.


  1. Offers a robust electronic health records system and better clinical, financial, and operational results.
  2. Exceptional Practice Management System, which makes your practice easier by automating task tracking and management.
  3. Provides Healthcare analytics which gives a comprehensive insight into your business.
  4. Provides options for virtual appointments.
  5. Provides real-time financial reporting.

Key Differentiators of CareCloud Central:

  1. Helps streamline workflow by scheduling appointments, charts, and documents with one touch.
  2. Automated Revenue Management System
  3. Denial and Error reduction with proper scrutiny of handwriting-related mistakes.
  4. Increased Data Accessibility
  5. Optimized Decision Making
  6. Pricing: Custom
  7. Pricing model: Monthly

6. eClinicalWorks

eClinicalWorks is ranked number 19 among the world’s best medical billing software programs. eClinicalWorks currently serves over 1 million users worldwide, including hospital chains and individual practices.

eClinicalWorks is famous for its popular EHR system, which helps find solutions for clinical documentation; patient records management, practice management, patient engagement, and revenue.


  1. eClinicalWorks’ EHR provides a comprehensive solution for patient engagement and practice management tasks.
  2. This medical billing software provides a sturdy revenue management system to track your expenses and revenue generation.
  3. eClinicalWorks offers regular data analytics stats to improve the quality of your business and patient care.

Key Differentiators of CareCloud Central:

  1. Minimizes human errors.
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Provides all sorts of medical functionalities.
  4. Data Security.
  5. Increased Patient involvement.
  6. Voice assistant
  7. Free Interoperability
  8. Pricing: Custom

7. athenaCollector

athenaCollector is a medical billing software designed to help healthcare professionals and organizations collect payments promptly. It’s used to optimize claims management, revenue cycles, scheduling, virtual appointments, and more.


  1. It connects over 120,000 healthcare providers to patients worldwide.
  2. athenaCollector’s data analytics model gives transparent business and patient care insights.

Key Differentiators of athenaCollector:

  1. eheHelps healthcare organizations get paid better and faster.
  2. Optimizes staff performance.
  3. Helps speed up patient visits.
  4. Pricing: Custom

8. Intergy

Intergy by Greenway Health is a medical billing software explicitly built for ambulatory healthcare services of all sizes. Intergy’s EHR helps efficiently create, store, manage, and retrieve data on various patients. It can also handle a wide variety of daily tasks which can be done quickly with automation.


  1. It provides 15 dashboards along with 500 reports and 5000 reportable clinical fields for better patient care.
  2. Helps in the automation of discharge reports and prescription refills.

Key Differentiators of Intergy:

  1. Friendly layout
  2. Minimizes errors
  3. Accurate treatment
  4. Increased productivity


RXNT is a cloud-based medical billing software capable of optimizing practice management, health records, e-prescribing, patient engagement, and billing. It helps time-starved medical professionals to handle clinical activities swiftly.


  1. Cloud-Based technology makes it possible for real-time data sharing
  2. It can singlehandedly provide seamless running of the entire operations

Key Differentiators of RXNT:

  1. Cloud-based technology
  2. Number 9 ranking as per SelectHub
  3. US-Based Customer Service.
  4. Agile and Responsive

10. WebPT

WebPT is a versatile medical billing software built for doctors and physicians to track the medical records of patients, store information, and document information more efficiently. It is designed to cater to the needs of physical therapists primarily.


  1. It can transcribe handwriting from prescriptions.
  2. It can fax, email, and share vital patient medical information.

Key Differentiators of WebPT:

  1. Provides ways of efficient documentation
  2. Protects Data Breach
  3. Allows to specialize and customize by digitally documenting all notes.

11. EZClaim

EZClaim is a medical billing software designed to simplify payment and scheduling processes for small and medium-sized offices. It provides cloud-based and on-platform deployment services.


  1. Supports HIPPA
  2. Provides robust Revenue Management System by outsourcing billing to firms like Achane Medical Billing.
  3. Efficient scheduling and task management

Key Differentiators of EZClaim:

  1. Patient Statements
  2. Centre-based Database
  3. Real-Time Reporting

Summing Up

TDInsights is always focused on the pursuit of making your business more profitable. With increasing automation in every sector, it is important to know about the various medical billing software in the US that can help make your practice more patient centric and efficient.

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