How to Improve Productivity and Increase B2B Sales

Increasing sales is the goal of any B2B organization. Without sales, businesses cannot sustain itself in the industry. Most of the sales representatives should make more calls to increase productivity, but they are usually distracted by other non-sale activities thus dragging down their performance. As per a finding, the representatives spend less than 36% of their precious time selling. This could be improvised further, with the right strategy, process, and approach.

The below infographic explains how it can be executed:-

How to Increase B2B Companies Sales Productivity and Increase Sales

Sales Productivity Explained

  • 20% of the sales team in your organization achieve the target
  • Only 1 in 5 sales-person is a top performer
  • Sales representatives are engaged in different sales activities on 35 occasions every week
  • The right training of the sales team is the key to increase sales

What is affecting the Productivity?

  • Lack of communication with other departments in the organization
  • Slow to adopting the latest technologies
  • Unable to understand the sales priorities
  • Adopting inefficient strategies
  • Only 22% of representatives use the methodology of time management

Strategies to Increase Sales

  • Embracing the latest technologies such as automation
  • Continual innovation of new approaches
  • Re-evaluating the sales process
  • Using the analytics the right way
  • Making sales training a priority
  • Tracking and managing the sales activities
  • Creating daily goals
  • Integrating the sales tools to improve performance

What are the Key Sales KPIs?

  • Conversion rates
  • Average sales
  • Average profit margin
  • Average purchase value
  • Monthly calls
  • Performance of the product
  • The average cost for every lead
  • Average conversion time
  • Customer lifetime value

Creating More Time for the Selling

  • Elimination of the redundant activities
  • The right time management process
  • Effective technical tools for adding value

Effect of Happy Employees on Sales

  • A happy employee is 31% more productive
  • They help in 37% higher sales number


With an improvised approach and strategy, sales could increase at a rapid rate. It would help the organization to achieve its revenue target and ROI. Thus it is necessary to track the sales activities precisely and plan the next move.

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