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Athenahealth is a leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution that offers web-based services for healthcare providers. The Athenahealth customers list is a comprehensive database that contains details of healthcare companies using this platform. Several B2B marketers, who aim at connecting with Athenahealth customers, can leverage our database.

Team TDInsights puts freshness and accuracy ahead of everything when compiling our database. We track Athenahealth client insights across the healthcare spectrum and create a global list of leading organizations using the platform. As a result, we deliver only structured, up-to-date and optimized data to supercharge your marketing efforts.

Outreach to clients seeking products and services that work with Athenahealth across regions, including the USA and beyond. Our actively-managed database is everything you need to make your brand noticed among the most competitive and elusive markets.

Each dataset is highly customizable and undergoes periodic updates every 90 days to maintain top-notch quality!

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    Hence, you can connect and network with the following professionals to target the niche audience with precision.

    Physicians Pediatrics
    Primary Care Physicians Gastroenterologist
    Orthopedics Healthcare Providers
    Sports Medicine Professionals And more!

    List of companies using Athenahealth

    Company NameRevenueCountry of OriginIndustryEmployee Size
    Atlantic Medical Group<$5 MillionUnited StatesHealthcare<25
    Arcis Golf$781.4 MillionUnited StatesHealthcare6,000
    Aspire Health Partners, Inc$176.8 MillionUnited StatesHealthcare1,300
    AMITA Health$1.7 BillionUnited StatesHealthcare17,260
    Allegheny Health Network$3.6 BillionUnited StatesHealthcare21,000
    American HomePatient$280 MillionUnited StatesHealthcare2,700
    AdventHealth$15.7 BillionUnited StatesHealthcare92,000
    Access Healthcare Services$122 MillionUnited StatesHealthcare25,000
    Advocate Health Care$31.7 BillionUnited StatesHealthcare1,50,000
    Affinity Health System$59.1 MillionUnited StatesHealthcare23,500

    All the records mentioned above complies with the data privacy regulations. At the same time, it is meticulously verified by human’s inspection and advanced technology to keep the database clean. Lastly, our data experts work hard to source that data from relevant and reliable sources, to ensure businesses experiences increased lead generation and ROI.

     Here are few of the sources our experts refer to curate a precise Anthenahealth customers list;

    B2B DirectoriesGovernment Records
    Market ResearchOpt-In Email Responses
    WebinarsPublishing Companies
    Online ConferencesTimeshare Associations
    Re-Seller ProgramsPanel Discussions
    Telemarketing EffortsAnd More

    Refine Your Pitches With a Precise Athenahealth Customers List

    TDInsights help businesses fine-tune their lead-generation efforts. For this purpose, we offer precise Athenahealth customers list to marketers to access valuable insights about these healthcare professionals.

    Irrespective of your business’s objectives, the nature of operations, and market value, our database is your best bet to transform your business. Our database is a treasure trove of accurate contacts that makes the marketer’s job easy.

    You can promote your products and services, run promotional email campaigns, and contact influential decision-makers directly.

    Capture Qualified Leads Across Globe with List Of Companies That Use Athenahealth

    TDInsights offers an extensive list of companies that use Athenahealth. With our unparalleled data solutions, you can expand your market reach across regions.

    Further, we ensure infusing our database of companies that use Athenahealth with geo-specific information operating in different countries. As a result, you can contact businesses in the USA, Oceania, Asia, the Middle East, or the UK.

    Our team refers only to legitimate and reliable sources to collect the information, including online directories, yellow pages, trade shows, healthcare records, business listings, and websites.

    It enables us to maintain a highly accurate and deliverable list of companies that use Athenahealth. Hence, our reliable data helps you tighten up your sales strategy and focus more on converting successful, valuable customers who become your brand champions.

    Do you want to acquire Athenahealth Customers List?

    Bolster Brand Reach with List of Companies Using Athenahealth

    At TDInsights, we stress curating only accurate and response-worthy information in our list of companies using Athenahealth. It, in turn, helps marketers successfully communicate with ideal prospects and enhances conversion rates.

    We help different types of businesses equally benefit from our data solutions and gain valuable insights for their respective business requirements. These businesses include IT services, Althenahealth consultants and implementation service providers, pharmaceutical companies, recruitment and staffing agencies, etc.

    Investing in our database of companies using Athenahealth helps you target your desired audience, getting an edge over competitors.

    Perfect Your Marketing Campaigns with Result-focused Athenahealth Users List

    TDInsights has a solid market grasp and knows what makes businesses stand out from the crowd with its data solutions. Our unyielding team keeps track of all the market trends and adheres to the latest data-safety laws and regulations.

    With our result-focused and compliant Athenahealth users list, you can confidently approach market leaders and discuss your offerings.

    Influential highlights that will make you trust our database without reservations.

    • Designed to aid in acquiring qualified leads
    • Contacts featuring a 90% accuracy rate
    • Precise profile targeting with a 95% deliverability rate
    • Provision for customization aligning marketing efforts
    • Sourced from authentic data channels

    Further, we ensure running each dataset through rigorous checks and quality-assurance stages. Our manual and AI verification measures eliminate redundant and erroneous data from Athenahealth clients list.

    Regardless of your company size, any small startup or an established enterprise can utilize our lists with profound confidence.

    Remarkable Use Cases of Athenahealth Users Email List

    TDInsights offers an accurate Athenahealth users email list to help businesses quickly infiltrate the most competitive and dynamic healthcare market.

    Our data-driven lists support multiple channels for marketing campaigns, including telemarketing, emails, direct mail, or other client-preferred touch points.

    To deliver this promise, we offer the most responsive and accurate Athenahealth users email list. With such precise information, you can design engaging marketing pitches and content based on each touchpoint’s unique requirements, making substantial headway.

    Such focused and on-point targeting allows you to make impactful impressions and connect with B2B customers for the business.

    Capture Sales-Ready Leads with Insightful Athenahealth Customer List

    TDInsights enables marketers to quickly generate sales-ready leads and pass them through the sales pipeline. Our Athenahealth customer list leads you to make profitable decisions swiftly and saves time wasted on flakey gatekeepers.

    Our Athenahealth customer list aid in gaining brand dominance and augmenting return on investments. Build a strong relationship with B2B clients and unlock actionable insights as you continuously improve your engagement strategy and pitches.

    Join forces with the TDInsights team and make your brand voice heard at local and international markets without hassles.

    Our Athenahealth List Includes:

    First Name City
    Last Name Zip Code
    Title Company
    Mailing Address Email
    State/Country Contact Number
    Fax Sales
    Employee Size SIC Code
    Web Address Company Revenue

    Athenahealth Customers by Industry

    Industry Total Customers
    Computer Software 12,814
    IT and Services 6,729
    Retail 11,239
    Financial Services 1,384
    Hospitals and Healthcare 5,393
    Internet 1,789
    Marketing and Advertising 3,484
    Credit Unions 906
    Insurance 1,431
    Real Estate 6,753
    Others 63,072

    Athenahealth market share stands at 68.53% currently, with an ever-growing number of healthcare companies that use Athenahealth. Don’t let this opportunity slip away due to bad data.


    Athenahealth is a cloud-based solution that allows healthcare providers to manage patient records, schedule appointments, order and track lab tests, and communicate with other healthcare professionals.

    Designed to offer support to different medical specialties and settings, including primary care, specialty care, and hospital-based care, Athenahealth has a customer base among Pediatrics, Cardiology, Primary Care Physicians, Orthopedics, and Gastroenterology, among others.

    Nearly 115,000 healthcare providers use Athenahealth to maximize financial outcomes, revenue cycle management, and manage patient records.

    If you seek a highly targeted Athenahealth user email list backed by actionable intelligence, connect with TDInsights’s team and discuss what you require. Our analyst will gauge your business needs and suggest customized filters for promising results.

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