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In any industry, the highest priority is often placed on the contacts that the organization possesses. The database of companies using  Microsoft SQL Server aims to become the gateway to great profits and ROI for smaller enterprises who may have products or services of use to the 213,763 companies using Microsoft SQL Server.

The Microsoft SQL Server customers list is a comprehensive and carefully curated database that ensures deliverability and applicability. Hence, with TDInsights, businesses can expect more than just a list of contacts — it is a goldmine of information.

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    These include segmentations such as:

    First name Industry Company Website
    Middle name NAICS Code Assets Size
    Last name SIC Code Postal Address
    Job Title Entity Type Geographical Location
    Official Email Ownership Type Demographics
    Work Experience Company Size Technographics
    Area of Specialization Company Revenue Firmographics

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      Market to the Right Prospects with Our Microsoft SQL Server Customers List

      Not having access to the right people often puts businesses in an adverse position. But with the Microsoft SQL Server customers list from TDInsights, businesses can target the right demographic. Not only does a business have access to clean and exhaustive contacts of the best in the business, but this includes many types of data subsets that can contribute to implementing multichannel marketing efforts.

      In addition, companies can expect to find data that ensure lead generation and subsequent increases in ROI. So, consider purchasing the Microsoft SQL Server customers list and eliminate the headache of curating your data list and wasting resources.

      Partner with Us for List of Companies Using Microsoft SQL Server

      Using TDInsights’ list of companies using Microsoft SQL Server, you can source the most prospective leads in the industry. We offer the type of information that allows businesses to create marketing strategies that are implementable across multiple channels.

      We source all the data from extremely legitimate and completely verified spaces. These include surveys, listings, B2B directories, online portals, newsletters, conferences, panels, and corporate events, among many other verified channels.

      Furthermore, we refuse to limit our data offerings to one particular country and instead strive to provide data from around the world. Therefore, our list of companies using Microsoft SQL Server comprises data from regions of Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America Middle East, and Oceania. With TDInsights, international campaigning is no longer just a vision but rather a possibility.

      Do you want to acquire Microsoft SQL Server Customers List?

      Take Your Marketing Campaigns to the Next Level with the Microsoft SQL Server Users List

      Microsoft SQL Server is largely unknown among many businesses in many sectors. However, it is still a tool employed by leading firms in the industry. IT, education, retail, marketing, and other businesses profit from accessing a Microsoft SQL Server users list.

      You may easily contact a prospect via various channels by including Microsoft SQL Server users list in your system. Since you have access to their business specifics, the data will help you construct the ideal sales presentation to pitch to your client.

      Therefore, our list of companies that use Microsoft SQL Server will assist in simplifying the process of meeting your marketing objectives.

      Reliable Microsoft SQL Server Users Email List at Your Beck and Call

      Obtaining insights from data can be a hassle since most of it is ridden with errors and redundancy. However, enterprises must not disregard the acquisition of data about their core clients in their efforts to produce innovative and cutting-edge products, or they risk losing a substantial ROI. This is where the Microsoft SQL Server users email list from TDInsights comes in.

      As a marketing database solutions provider, TDInsights provides the best solution for your marketing communication. The Microsoft SQL Server users email list, which is a comprehensive database of high-profile information, assists you in effortlessly accomplishing your objectives. We provide essential knowledge that can revolutionize your business and remove customer acquisition challenges once and for all.

      Use Cases of the Microsoft SQL Server customer list

      Our Microsoft SQL Server customer list provides technographic and firmographic data containing critical business information to target firms in various sectors. The database provides the SIC, NAICS code, Zip code, and other relevant information to assist you in implementing the campaign appropriately.

      This is akin to personalization. Hence, a business can carry out everything from email marketing to direct mailing campaigns using our information. In addition to that, it is easy to integrate with any preexisting CRM solutions that the company may be utilizing.

      Boost Your ROI with a Database of Companies That Use Microsoft SQL Server

      Our database of companies that use Microsoft SQL Server can help you connect with the right decision-makers. With our database ideally tailored to your needs, you can keep the key players in the industry at arm’s length.

      Marketers should have access to individuals who can help their businesses complete transactions as soon as possible. Our list of companies using  Microsoft SQL Server allows you to reach the right customer for your company. As a result, you can improve your revenue and take your business to the next level.

      So reach out to our data specialists today and receive a database specially curated to fulfill your marketing needs.

      Our List Includes

      First Name City
      Last Name Zip Code
      Title Company
      Mailing Address Email
      State/Country Contact Number
      Fax Sales
      Employee Size SIC Code
      Web Address Company Revenue

      Microsoft SQL Server Customers by Industry

      Industry No of Customers
      Computer Software 64,647
      IT and Services 34,012
      Retail 56,774
      Financial Services 7,024
      Hospitals and Healthcare 27,306
      Internet 9,072
      Marketing and Advertising 17,687
      Credit Unions 4,666
      Insurance 7,293
      Real Estate 34,151
      Others 317,399


      The Microsoft SQL Server is a diverse RDBMS or relational database management system that assists in various activities within the realm of transaction processing, business intelligence, and analytics applications. The tool is utilized mainly in corporate environments within the IT sector.

      The Microsoft SQL Server is generally utilized by large corporate entities that dabble in IT or the Information Technology departments within organizations.

      Reportedly about 213763 corporate entities utilize the Microsoft SQL Server in their tech stacks. These include corporate giants such as Alibaba Travels, Intuit, ViaVerejo, Accenture, Cognizant, Stack Overflow, and Dell.

      To receive a customized list of companies using Microsoft SQL Server, you can reach out to TDInsight, which specializes in creating databases that serve the advertising motives of every company.

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