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Connect with over 80,000 Zendesk Customers

Zendesk, as a technology, is significantly transforming the customer experience. As per the IDC prediction, companies would be hugely spending on customer experience technologies by the year 2022. It means a good number of companies would become Zendesk Customers.

If you want to connect with these users for your business purpose, then our Zendesk Customers list is the best one in the market.

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Our Zendesk Users Email List Let’s You Reach:

Zendesk Customers Marketing Executives
Decision Makers Corporate Secretary
Controller Business Operations Executives
Finance Executives And more!

Zendesk Users Email list as a Marketing Guide:

Our Zendesk Users Email list acts as a perfect guide for your process. It segregates every customer based on the size of the company, revenue, and profit among others. You can plan the right sales pitch to target each customer.  This helps in starting the best conversation at the right time with the accurate customer.

The solution is an arsenal that every marketer needs for their campaign.

Zendesk Users Mailing List - The Measurable Solution for Your Campaign:

Our solution re-engineers your process so that it works on a definitive path. It means you have a professional mailing list that helps you track your marketing results.

How is this entire process followed?

The strict guidelines are something that every representative strictly adheres to. After sourcing the data from authenticated sources, it is passed through various refining measures. It is here the old and irrelevant data is eliminated, including only the best updated data.

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Zendesk Clients List - The Global Solution

We offer solutions to all the customers across the globe such as UK, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, USA included, among others. Zendesk users list cuts across the boundaries to outreach prospects in all these regions.

It is available in the customized and the already pre-built form so that one can choose as per their business requirements. So, choose the perfect one feasible with your business process and witness exponential results.

Zendesk Customers by Industry

Industry Total Customers
Computer Software 12680
Information Technology and Services 4430
Retail 3689
Internet 2387
Hospital & Health Care 1537
Financial Services 1469
Marketing & Advertising 1463
Real Estate 1382
Wholesale 1090
Education Management 1087

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